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How can the IBM Bluemix Local System be used?

The IBM Bluemix Local System enables the features and functions desired with Local and Cloud based applications, while providing the security and peace of mind of having your system inside your company, managed and controlled locally.

ž(1) Existing applications

  • Stand-alone Intel-based server
  • Modernize, optimize existing applications
  • High Availability, Multi-Virtual System
  • Consolidate environments
    (Dev, Test, QA, Pre-Prod, Prod)

ž(2) Cloud Enable

  • Optimize/Integrate existing applications
    with Cloud Services
  • Maintain security, regulations
  • Focus on operational costs

(3) žCloud Native

  • Create innovative new Cloud applications
  • Extensive development tooling with many existing and new Services
  • Focus on speed and agility

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