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What is the IBM Bluemix Local System?

The IBM Bluemix Local System includes the hardware and software necessary to provide a solid foundation for your infrastructure needs.  You can start small and grow, in a single rack, or combine multiple racks to support as much system as you need.

The IBM Bluemix Local System includes:

  • Processors – Intel Broadwell 3.2 GHz, 32 to 320 (iSCSI) or 448 (Flash) cores
  • Memory – 1.0TB to 10.0TB (iSCSI) or 1.5TB to 21.0TB (Flash)
  • Storage – 24TB to 96TB (iSCSI) or 25TB to 175TB (Flash), + external if desired
  • Networking – Switches and cabling redundant (multiples of each)
  • Software – Operating System, Hypervisors, System Management, Monitoring

The IBM Bluemix Local System delivers:

  • Rapid Installation – from plug-in to ready-for-use in 4 hours
  • High Availability – no single point of failure
  • Disaster Recovery – available and easy to do (requires 2 systems minimum)
  • Continuous Operation – Most upgrades/repairs made w/o system shutdown

The IBM Bluemix Local System benefits:

  • Pre-integrated and optimized, saving significant installation, configuration and support time
  • Reduced internal staff support, because of single vendor interface and IBM provided support
  • Highly scalable, through system growth and available Intel based resources and solutions
  • Maximized flexibility, because it’s your system
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – packaging provides profit

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