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Why do some senior executives hesitate to invest and engage in Process Excellence?

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Why do some senior executives hesitate to invest and engage in Process Excellence? 

If process improvement is beneficial and game changing for businesses, and executive sponsorship is one of the most important ingredients to ensuring the success of a process excellence initiative, why do some senior executives hesitate to invest and engage?  “Competing priorities for time and resources” topped the list of reasons for not investing in a process improvement program. * Executives understand the need to do things more efficiently and with higher quality.  They focus on being responsive to customer and market changes.  Sustaining growth topped their list of business challenges in the year ahead followed closely by the challenge of operational efficiency.  “That the two challenges come out top is perhaps indicative of how interlinked operational efficiency is with sustaining growth”.*

The COO of a major insurance broker shared that they “set up our operational excellence program when we were at a point of consecutive lack of organic growth.  We established the program with the aim of achieving profitable growth.  The market we’re operating in is really challenging so in order to grow our revenues we had to focus on making the organization more efficient and productive to improve our margins.” *

* 3rd Biennial PEX Network Report: State of the Industry (Trends and success factors in Business Process Excellence)

The value of BPM technology has never been stronger as business value continues to shift from products to the delivering of services by knowledge workers.  The emphasis for process improvement investments continues to demonstrate value for the money.  The primary business execution drivers (in order) continue to be improving customer satisfaction, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Empowering your organization with effective information.  Organizations that work with process improvement consultants like EmeriCon experience the following kinds of symptoms:

  • Oops, I didn’t know that this customer just became a premier customer
  • I love helping our customers, but I can’t take too much time or I will never get my work done
  • Why do we have to touch this request 20 different times?
  • I really wanted to help out, but I couldn’t find the information they were asking for
  • This guy just kept on calling wondering why he hadn’t receive an answer to his request yet
  • I had to spend so much time updating this system and that status – barely got done today

Process Improvement enabled with BPM, when done right gives the right person or system the right task in a business process the right information at the right point in time and in context and manages and monitors the performance of the process.  In a previous newsletter we shared the symptoms of one of our clients was experiencing.  The team had several legacy systems to manage their transactions.  It was the coordination of the efforts and the non-value added tasks that were affecting the efficiencies, productivity and effectiveness of the Customer Service Reps and their managers.



Customer Support is critical to Customer Loyalty and Financial Performance

Are you updating your business processes to unleash the customer service potential of your front line workforce?  This workforce, like many of your potential customers, is fundamentally different because they grew up immersed in technology.  They are driving the BYOD initiatives and the social collaboration that is a part of today’s process improvement software.  Transforming key business processes so they can be accessed by mobile devices, support information sharing of the completed steps of the process, enable collaboration in real time with experts and provide interactive dashboards could contribute to higher employee satisfaction, better customer service and happier, more satisfied clients.


EmeriCon helps our clients realize the business advantages made possible by today’s “Smarter Process” technology capabilities.  Our value proposition is more that implementing IBM’s leading “Smarter Process” software (we do that very well).  Our value proposition is helping you realize effective process improvement projects that are good for you and good for your customers.

Which process area has your executive attention today?  To schedule a Discovery session to review potential areas for process improvements and the ROI that could be possible, contact us.  This Discovery session will give you insights into the benefits that other EmeriCon clients have realized through process improvement programs that focus on both the customer experience and on operational excellence.

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