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Proven analysis, expertise, IBM technology and customized solutions

We’ve earned Client trust by achieving value through all aspects of technology implementation; from business process management through system evaluation and implementation. Clients, relying on our expertise and experience, realize competitive advantage through process excellence and optimal decision management.

We have decades of real-world experience delivering business results with our Clients.  Our Clients represent large and small companies across all industries, including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare and more.  EmeriCon combines our proven project methodologies and IBM technology to deliver successful engagements.

Because many organizations are at unique points in the utilization of Information Technology, we help you identify technology improvement, quantify the effect of that improvement to your business and then help you build and deploy a full production solution to see results right away – with the ability to expand easily into all facets of Application and Infrastructure Modernization.

No matter where your organization is in the process, we can step in and help.

If you are interested in identifying if and how your business could benefit from using Hybrid Cloud for Application and Infrastructure Modernization – sign up for our TCO Analysis.