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EmeriConINIT – Blueworks Live Checkup

Get the most out of your Blueworks Live subscription

IBM’s Blueworks Live is a process modeling, business rules definition and process analysis tool that engages business and technical subject matter experts in articulating and improving business processes.

EmeriConINIT – Blueworks Live Checkup part of the EmeriConCEPTS BPM Suite, is a swift engagement for assessing your Blueworks Live environment and your adoption level of Blueworks Live (BWL).  It is conducted by Senior EmeriCon Business Process Architects who utilize BWL in process discovery workshops, process improvement engagements, Business Process Management (BPM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) implementation projects, and to define and develop EmeriCon’s own business processes.

Through our many different usage scenarios internally and with Clients, EmeriCon has developed standards and best practices for Blueworks Live, tailored and implemented these standards to various Client environments and trained our Client’s Blueworks Live practitioners. It is this real world experience that you and your organization can leverage to improve your use of Blueworks Live.

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