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Comprehensive deployment for larger, more complex BPM/ODM implementations, including multiple iterations

A Business Process Management and Operational Decision Management project can only be successful when an organization’s business objectives are implemented in a system that enables a robust and efficient business process.  To ensure BPM and ODM successful projects, you must recognize BPM/ODM technology as an Enterprise Business Driver, adopt a Process-Centric Project Methodology, establish a vision and quantify your Return on Investment, promote BPM/ODM Awareness, establish a Center of Excellence, and then automate “good” processes.

EmeriConPLETE  includes multiple iterations and components of EmeriConCEPTS. This enables an organization to look at the strategic challenges and benefits that can be overcome or achieved when using BPM/ODM technology. It provides clearly defined business objectives and a vision for deploying BPM/ODM systems throughout an organization.


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