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We believe that delivering highly successful business improvement solutions requires a unique focus, specialized offerings, and proprietary knowledge that most other vendors fail to understand or implement. Our expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) technology and consulting spans more than two decades. We have highly experienced, widely recognized consultants; solutions architects, business analysts, process architects, software engineers, and project managers; many with more than fifteen years of IBM BPM and ODM technology experience.

  • We are an IBM partner who has expertise not only in the latest business improvement tools but also how to transform legacy systems into leading edge technologies.
  • Success with IBM BPM and ODM technologies since mid-1990’s
  • Only IBM Business Partner who provides the breadth of experience and success in all areas of Business Improvement or Smarter Process; BPM, ODM and IIB.
  • Unique technical talent in Rules and Events
  • Methodology developed and proven over multiple engagements
  • Highest number of certifications of any IBM Business Improvement partner

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