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IBM Digital Business Automation

Note:  IBM Digital Business Automation for Multicloud (DBAMC) is a portfolio of IBM products, including IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), IBM Business Automation Insights (BAI), IBM FileNet Content Manager, and IBM Cloud Private Foundation.

Improving customer responsiveness, competitive advantage and exploiting business capabilities

BPM is considered an essential element of Application Modernization.  (See: CIOReview – Reshaping Legacy Applications using a BPM Strategy)

EmeriCon was founded to provide Consulting Services for the deployment of IBM BPM.  Throughout our history, we have successfully deployed thousands of processes in more that 125 Clients worldwide, providing substantial business benefit from the resulting reshaping and improvement of business transactions.

In its simplest form, IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) is focused on increasing business value through the delivery of a managed business process. Although sometimes used for cost-reduction purposes, IBM BPM usually shines when a business needs to increase transaction amounts without increasing resources, reduce processing times, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize efficiencies and utilization of existing resources. This is influenced by the desire of the business to utilize BPM and IT’s willingness to implement and support BPM within the organization.

What is IBM BPM

Why IBM BPM is Important