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IBM PureApplication Software

IBM PureApplication Software provides substantial support benefits in the development and deployment of applications, be they Cloud or Local, on IBM Bluemix Local System, or your own infrastructure.  These benefits are well documented by IBM and can result in a great deal of cost and time savings in managing your application base.  This is particularly true when you use IBM PureApplication Software to provision, deploy and manage your IBM BPM local environments.

Our long-term experience concludes that dealing with your IBM BPM environment can cause reluctance in developing and delivering new BPM managed solutions.  Whether it be the effort to create separate environments, update existing environments, or to simply expand or contract required resources, system management can be daunting.  While it’s true that you can mitigate much of this by shifting your BPM to IBM BPM on Cloud, there may be many viable reasons that this is not feasible or desired.

Imagine being able to provision and deploy an environment in your infrastructure in hours rather than weeks.  This is possible when using IBM PureApplication Software with IBM provided Patterns of Expertise.  Clients that have implemented their IBM BPM using IBM PureApplication Software have said that it changes everything.  Others have said that their biggest regret was deploying IBM BPM before they used IBM PureApplication Software because of the improvement found in the provisioning, deployment and management of their IBM BPM software with IBM PureApplication Software.

The benefits will be substantial and they will be yours!